1 – aunt kate’s choice

For the start of this epic journey, I decided to follow some of the free quilt block patterns provided by Generations Quilt Patterns. They’ve provided step by step instructions for dozens of classic quilt blocks. To start with, I’m sticking with only blocks that have measurements already provided for 10″ blocks- I’m not up to a ton of math and I’m DEF not about to start off piecing a tiny mouse block, my fingers are just too sausage-y for that.

ANYWAYS, I first made a block they’re calling Aunt Kate’s Choice. This block does appear elsewhere (with variation), as in this antique quilt in the collections at Michigan State University:

I found the instructions for this block to be well written, though the measurements might be a bit off. I found I needed to sew with a 1/8″ inseam to achieve the correct final measurement (which is insane because it doesn’t leave much room for error).

Excuse my terrible pressing, but here is the final product:

And the reverse, even with unfinished seam allowances, somehow still looking neater than the front:

This block involved more triangles than I’m used to using but went together easily. Is it my favorite? Meh. I’d never choose to make a massive collection of them with which to swathe my body.

Fabric is Velvet Vine in Grape from Amy Butler’s Gypsy Caravan collection.


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