3 – crown and thorns

As a person suffering from Serial Attention Deficit Crafting Disorder (a very real medical diagnosis that I just created), I’m awesome at starting projects (it’s one of my greatest skills!) and terrible at finishing them once the excitement wears off. That’s partly why this project is so good- I can constantly pick new fabrics and patterns.


That said, this particular block was a struggle to finish. I still got through it, mind you, but all those fiddly little pieces were screaming at me to set it aside and move on to something else.

In the end, however, I still triumphed. This is the crown and thorns block, though I’ve seen it referred to elsewhere as a single wedding ring.

There are some beautiful examples of this elsewhere. Check out the red blocks on this example from Iowa:

I think the use of a red/white stripe on a white background gives this block a really interesting deconstructed look. It’s a style that would be at home on a modern quilt, which is especially interesting as this quilt was made in the 1870s.

Here are some other examples that I love mainly for striking color choices, and in at least one case for a unique shape. Want to see more? Here are ten pages of results for your perusal over at the Quilt Index.

Here’s the back of my block, and below it is an image highlighting my favorite little trick from its construction.


The center of each of the four-patches making up the corners of the block had a bulky meeting of seams. A little loosening of the threads on each seam allowance allowed for a nifty twisting and flattening of the seams so each was laying in a different direction. A little pinwheel of seams, if you will.


Fabrics used are Cutting Garden in Mocha and Ditty in Cat Eye from Amy Butler’s Gypsy Caravan collection.


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