4 – handy andy

Yesterday I was preparing for an interview for a federal job when a federal hiring freeze was announced. What are the odds, right? Anyways, I went ahead with the interview (who knows what the real effect will be) and then smothered my anxieties with sewing.

Today’s finish was the Handy Andy block. Most of the examples I was able to find were actually a variation on this (basically the same but with an ohio star in the center- there’s a LOT going on in those ones). Below is a great example in striking colors from the collection at Michigan State.

I also chose to keep it simple, only using one feature fabric for my version. The instructions I followed gave a simple shortcut for creating a million HSTs at once- I started trying to type out an explanation but then I realized I’m terrible at giving directions and it would be so much easier for you to just hop on over and check it out yourself- step 2 here.


And here’s my back- more cute twist + press on the center seam allowances here, which is by far my favorite new trick! (Probably also something that’s old hat for most quilters, but hey, I’m learning 🙂



Fabric is Turkish Paisley in Nectarine from Amy Butler’s Gypsy Caravan collection.


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