5 – churn dasher

I’ve seen this block a LOT lately around the interwebz, and I can see why. It’s one of the prettiest things I’ve ever made personally. Here are the instructions I followed- fairly basic, but again using a shortcut to make all those little HSTs.

There seem to be two different blocks that claim this name. The first is what seems to be the more common and appears in most of the antique quilts I found, as the variation belowChurn Dash or Churn Dasher quilt block

The version I followed is basically a nine-patch with ribbon end/star corners.


More twirly seams to make my day happier 🙂 This is the first block I’ve made that I wouldn’t mind making into a full quilt- it’s attractive, sweet, and leaves lots of room for variation.

Fabrics used are Wind Flower in Stainless and Deco Dots in Astor (shouldn’t that be Aster?? It feels like it should, but that’s how the source spells it) from Amy Butler’s Gypsy Caravan collection.


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