6 – lady of the lake

For whatever reason, I struggled to line up my seams on today’s lady of the lake block. As a result, the final product is charmingly (I insist on thinking my own errors are charming) irregular.

Comparing this block to historical examples, it seems that most of them rotate the center block 180 degrees, but I prefer this version in which the center blends with the points, creating a giant jagged HST.

That said, I’m obsessed with this double-layered variation from the collection at Rutgers University.

The crisp geometric design and strong, simple quilted lines are perfection. Also worth taking a look at is this scrappy version by Rita of Red Pepper Quilts. I die.

I wanted a block that would highlight this large art-nouveau-y floral print. To really do that, I would need a block about twice this large, but this works for now.


And there’s the little back, just doing what backs do.



Fabric used is Velvet Vine in Stainless from Amy Butler’s Gypsy Caravan collection.


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