7 – rocky mountain chain


I love this little block- the star within star and the circle of blocks tumbling around the center. It’s good people. I do wish I’d made this about twice the size. I’ve been making 10″ blocks and that, truly, is too small for a block with this many pieces (unless you’re someone with much more patience and tinier fingers than I). If I were to make it again (I probably will), I’d certainly up-gauge.


As I’m working on these different blocks, I love to see them in action, but it can be a challenge to find an example alive on the internet. This was basically the only full quilt I was able to find- a late 19th century example from Wisconsin. I appreciate the alternating solid blocks. This is a busy pattern and needs that extra breathing room 🙂


The directions I followed had steps for both paper piecing and traditional piecing. I followed the traditional steps because that’s just who I am. I also mixed it up a little with the featured fabrics- using two coordinating prints rather than just one.


And here’s the back. The “square in a square” bits keep things nice and clean, despite the extra bulk they add.


And now I’m going to go dig my car out of snow for the second time today 😀


Fabrics used are Wind Flowers in Moss and Deco Dots in Citrine from Amy Butler’s Gypsy Caravan collection.


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