11 -susannah improv

While I was working on the last block, I decided that I would definitely be making at least a couple of more versions but mixing up the pieces (here’s another tutorial I like). These are their stories (jk this isn’t Law and Order, only in my dreams).

For my first attempt, I cut my rectangles too short, so I tried something a little different. Because I didn’t have enough length to make half flying geese, I just used a straight seam and ended up with this blocky pinwheel-lookin’ thing.


Without the covered corners/half flying geese units, there’s a lot less bulk. This is a clean and simple block.img_4011

On the next try I actually paid attention to my cutting measurements (funny how that makes a difference :). Rather than forming a diamond in the center, I set the pieces to form a little pinwheel. I’m pretty happy with this result.


I really love the trick of twisting the seams at the center of a block like this. It looks neat and keeps things nice and trim.



Fabrics used are Velvet Vine in Almond, Deco Dots in Citrine, and Cutting Garden in Linen from Amy Butler’s Gypsy Caravan collection.



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