12 – double star

This block is also known as “Hope of Hartford”, and thank goodness for that because can you imagine how many results come up when you try to search for a quilt block called “Double Star”? About 24k, and almost none of them the right one.

Still, this isn’t an incredibly common block so examples are thin on the ground. I did find one cute one in the collection of Louisiana Tech.

An interesting color combination that reflects my own choices, surprisingly enough.

This guy goes together with partial seams (to achieve the offsetting of the points from the center), and I have to be honest, I still don’t entirely understand the geometry of what happened at my sewing machine today, but somehow I worked it out. It defies the laws of the natural world.


This isn’t my favorite block, but I’ll likely make it again just gain some kind of understanding of how it works (and, hopefully, end up with a version that’s not puckery af).



Fabrics used are Deco Dots in Peri and Hammock Stripe in Wine from Amy Butler’s Gypsy Caravan collection.


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